CLAVP13 – Claudia Pest Control Officer – Parts 1 & 2


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Claudia’s Pest Control Officer Swallows 2 Adult Mice

CLAVP13A – Part 1 –  The year is 2144, and all pets smaller than one pound have been banned and are illegal to own. Claudia is a Pest Control Officer and she is on the hunt for law breakers.You are POV, home enjoying your evening when there is strong knock at the door. It’s a Pest Control Officer and she says she knows you have an illegal pet, and she forces her way into your home. Claudia explains that the punishment for having a small pet is a punishable offense, and POV is found in possession of a small pet, Claudia will swallow your pet alive, make you watch, and THEN, she will turn YOU into a similar sized pet and swallow you alive too!!! Claudia searches your home and finds your small pet. Claudia uses her pocket shrink tool to shrink you, and then she holds you in front of her mouth while she licks, sucks and swallows your pet. Continued in Part 2
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CLAVP13B – Part  2  – After Claudia swallows your illegal pet, she turns her attention to YOU. Claudia is in a really cruel mood today, and she is also very hungry… and horny. Claudia puts your tiny transformed body in a special tube she keeps in her Pest Control Kit, just for special law breakers. Claudia fucks herself with you, and deep throats you, and you keep trying to find the exit to the tube you’re trapped inside of. She shoves you deep into her vagina… it must be soooooo hot in there. After Claudia cums, she takes you out of your tube prison and drops you into her mouth for real, soaking you in saliva. Claudia gives you a full body and butt tour before swallowing you alive too.
1280 X 720


‘Vclub’ will appear on your credit card
or bank statement as the beneficiary of this transaction