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Claudia’s Bagged Lunch Video Package

CLAVP12 – Claudia’s Bagged Lunch Video AWatch this video first! Claudia introduces herself to her 3 tiny victims, but only 1 of them is happy to see her. Claudia opens her lunch bag in the bathtub, just in case her victims decide to make a run for it. Hm, one little guy comes out of the bag and climbs right into Claudia’s giant hand, but the other 2 critters are afraid. Claudia tries to coax them out by showing them that their Brother is in her hand and he’s fine >:) Claudia dumps her reluctant victims into the tub to join her and their Brother, but they scurry away each time Claudia tries to be friendly… this infuriates Claudia and she is so angry… she decides that the critter that jumped into her hand gets to live, but the other 2 assholes deserve to be swallowed… and so it begins. Continued in Part 1
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Claudia’s Bagged Lunch Part 1 – This lucky little guy… oh to be him. Claudia emerges from the bathtub with her 2 tiny lunch victims. She has placed them into a tall cup so they cannot escape. Claudia knows these 2 are NOT happy to be in her grasp, but that’s too bad for them.. all they had to do was to be friendly like their Brother and perhaps they would be spared too. Claudia takes one of her victims and he runs up her arm, around her back and tries to hid her her long flowing hair… but Claudia has been thru this before and she’s too fast, too powerful and too smart to let this little asshole escape. Claudia shows him where he will go, and takes him on an external body tour, complete with getting shoved down into her panties, and introduced to her butt hole and told that he will exit from there, eventually. Claudia has a lot of fun with her victim, getting him good and salvia’d up for the trip down to her stomach. Can you see her victim being dangled in front of her mouth, being forced to look down her throat, and he looks like he is praying for help! Eventually Claudia swallows him down in one big gulp. He slid right down, yummy! Continued in Part 2
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Claudia’s Bagged Lunch Part  2  – This tiny victim gets more of the same, but he spends a lot more time inside Claudia’s mouth because she has become wiser to their escape routes and blocks him from running away. This little guy begins to accept his new spot, inside her mouth, and he actually settles in and starts to clean himself. Claudia finds him too comfortable and turns up the saliva to get him good and soggy. Claudia also treats her victim to some panty time, and he even scurries around inside her panties to get himself around back to her butt, and he explores it thoroughly, looking for a hole to crawl in and hide. Claudia puts a stop to his fun, and pops him back into her mouth, where she pushes his little face outside of her lips so he can see the world, then sucks him completely in for a saliva soak. Claudia forces his face into her throat while his tiny legs kick from between her lips. I’ve not seen any of our competitors videos, but this video has to be the best yet. You’ll let me know 😉 but Claudia is a BEAST!!!
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‘Vclub’ will appear on your credit card
or bank statement as the beneficiary of this transaction