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Claudia’s Dead Day Video Package

CLAVP11A – Claudia’s Dead Day Part 1
– This is a ONE person fantasy, even though Claudia swallows 3 fuzzies in this story.The beginning of Part 1 is shot in POV, and you are standing at Claudia’s front door. Claudia cautiously cracks open the door, “Trick or Treat”, you say. Claudia says she likes your costume but thinks you are a little old for trick or treat… besides, Halloween isn’t for another 2 weeks. Claudia asks if you are alone, then tells you she has no treats prepared, but she can show you a trick. She invites you in, and you both sit down. Still in POV, Claudia crawls all over the chair you are sharing with her and she wants to know your opinion about the strangest thing. Claudia opens her mouth wide and shows you her throat and asks what you would do if you were small enough to fit inside her mouth? Would you like it? Claudia shows you where you would slide down and then she turns to show you her ass and where you will exit from. Claudia tells your it’s time to show you her trick and she raises both hands above her head and as she lowers her hands over your head, you begin to shrink smaller and smaller until she stops her hands just inches from the chair’s seat cushion. When Claudia lifts her hands, what remains is a tiny white fuzzy. Claudia tells you she prefers your new costume because she can swallow you in this outfit. Claudia dangles your tiny, helpless body over her giant, gaping jaws and drops you in for a spit bath. The way Claudia’s mouth drags this fuzzy back in after her tries to escape is awesome. Anyway, she plays with her victim in her mouth for a while, then tells her tiny victim that it;s time for home to say goodbye to his friends and family, and she pops him into her throat and swallows him… whoops, but he gets stuck inside Claudia’s throat and there is nobody big enough to give her the Heimlich, so Claudia chokes and dies. You also die, as a result of suffocating inside her throat. Claudia lies motionless, and her soul has left her body. Continued in Part 2
1280 X 720

CLAVP11B – Claudia’s Dead Day Part 2
– This is a ONE person fantasy, even though Claudia swallows 3 fuzzies in this story. Part 2 begins with Claudia waking-up dead, in an alternate reality. Claudia sits up, and coughs up the stubborn victim that choked her to death. “You asshole”, Claudia yells at her victim, “You killed me! You killed us!” Claudia is mad and tells her victim that this means he is cursed to be swallowed by Claudia again, and again, and again, and forever and ever, for eternity. You will be haunted for eternity by Claudia’s mouth, tongue, throat and stomach. Claudia drops you into her mouth, and plays games where you try to escape and she can only use her tongue and mouth to bring you back in for the kill.

So, this is where we use the power of editing to allow Claudia to swallow you, then pull you from her ghostly stomach, and play woth you again, and swallow you again… THEN, with more of that fancy editing, Claudia pulls you from her ghostly tummy for a 3rd time and after playing with you, then swallowing you, she decides to let you sit in her stomach for a while before swallowing you again, and again, and again. After the story is over, Claudia puts her pretty little face and mouth close to the camera and she reads a spider trapping a fly poem.
1280 X 720

CLAVP11C – BONUS Claudia’s Dead Day FAIL Part 1
– This was a tragic fail, but Claudia is definitely ready for larger prey, so we will make a 2nd attempt as soon as one of our custom clients orders it. This video starts out the same as Part 1 above, but after Claudia has shrunk you and she lifts her hands, you are a large, adult white fuzzy. When Claudia first begins to play with the white fuzzy, he seems active, attentive and is climbing and sniffing everything… but, what seems like only several minutes later, he is limp and lethargic. Claudia was going to swallow him, but Jim stopped her because the fuzzy looked dead ? Somehow, Claudia killed that critter and I don’t know how. Unless Claudia’s breathe was so bad, that it killed fuzzy… but I don’t think so. When you watch the video, pay attention to what is happening to him, and let me know if you figure out what did him in so quickly. Anyway, we did finish this video using a larger fuzzy because the one we had died, and we could not find another at any pet store. But, we did have the 3 smaller white fuzzies and we made the story where Claudia dies and swallows you 3 times instead of 1 time. Hey, the visuals of this giant fuzzy getting sucked into Claudia’s hungry mouth is worth seeing even if she doesn’t swallow him.
1280 X 720



‘Vclub’ will appear on your credit card
or bank statement as the beneficiary of this transaction